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City ordinances in many cities, particularly in tourist areas, are imposing the use of windbreaks screens, leading to bars and restaurants to discover the advantages of windbreaks screens for terraces.

LWindbreak screens create a glass barrier, halfway up, with which the recreation area of the restaurant is delimited, being very useful on public roads, squares and open terraces. This way the customer feels in a delimited place but without the feeling of being locked, since the glass is practically invisible barrier that it is very effective to prevent smoke from vehicles and the intrusion of outsiders to the terrace which could make uncomfortable to the establishment users.

Advantages of the windbreak screens

The windbreaks for terraces screens not only have the function of interrupting the passage of wind and breeze, which is very suitable for coastal locations and streets subject to breezes. Among its advantages stand out creating a barrier which prevent pollution from vehicles impinge on customers who are sitting on the terraces of bars, cafes and restaurants. But there’s more. The delimitation of the terrace with windbreak screens avoids theft and persons who, unconnected with the establishment, could annoy customers.

These translucent panels can create spaces and split zones, one common option not only in terraces on the street, but also in organizing events and to give privacy to groups of customers.

Types of windbreaks screens

In Beldaglass we strive to create solutions for homes and businesses, being the glass windscreen one of the most common requests from our catalog, given its effectiveness and aesthetic results that provides to the terraces. In order to adapt our self to the needs of our customers have several types of windbreaks for terraces:

Windbreaks screens: very adequate for delimitation of terraces in the street permanently. They are anchored to the ground allowing it to maintain a fixed perimeter and the option to keep the panels when the establishment is closed.

Tilt glass windbreaks: as a preferred option for places where sometimes we are interested leave the space free of screens, reducing its size with a roll back system at the same point.

Up and Down glass windbreaks: the best solution when required to create different environments, allowing the layout of the screens regarding the needs of the moment.

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