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Capturing sunlight inside a shop, a warehouse or home is now a necessity. The energy cost has skyrocketed in recent years, thus making it more profitable to invest in any technology that allows the reduction of the “electric bill”.

Our polycarbonate skylights or rooflights eare engineered to last in time as they are weather resistant and with minimal wear and therefore enable the achievement of proper lighting based on solar energy

Our sliding roof systems or mobile allow also ventilation of the inner courtyards from the same skylight. Besides sunlight reaching the interior extraordinarily reduce its radiation. Adequate sun exposure make us to produce vitamin D, a vitamin that is essential for our body so we can keep in a healthy state.

We are manufacturer and we have expert and specialized staff who will indicate you the best solution for your project or space. Do not forget we have more than 25 years experience in the industry and fully guarantee our products. We take care of everything. We install your rooflight or polycarbonate skylights with full warranty.



Our polycarbonate skylights are particularly suitable for:

  • Courtyards
  • Interiores de naves industriales y zonas comerciales.
  • Housing or local underground.


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