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Our company

The company Beldaglass was consolidated in the 80s and 90s in the manufacturing sector of windows, enclosures, light facades and curtain walls. It bet for a new sector in the field of wealth creation at home. Our enclosures and roofs create new and enjoyable living spaces.

And for that, puts at your disposal a department specialized in Folding sliding system, roofs and mobile roofs, with all his experience, technology and human resources at your service.

A profitable investment

Whether you are trying to create a new atmosphere in your home or get more out of your terrace, the installation of a mobile roof is remarkable anywhere. Families who have chosen these products check, day by day, and year after year, the profitability of an investment made for life.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs in general, know that these installations provide benefits,since a busy terrace in summer and winter significantly increases turnover. The pools can be enjoyed throughout the year thank to ease become open to closed, by motorized retractable glass roof system and vertical glass walls.

Added value

These products offer you an extra of light, privacy and space. These products offer you an extra light, privacy and space. An environment where you could live, relax, work or perform his favorite activity. A place to do sport, paint, read or cultivates your favorite flowers. From the moment you decide to spend more time on your terrace or garden, you will live more intensely the seasons and the sunshine in for you with a different color.

Our Personal

Jesús Moscoso Romero Gerente

Jesús Moscoso Romero

Antonio Jesús Venegas Moscoso Dpto. Oficina Técnica

Antonio Jesús Venegas Moscoso
Technical Office Department

 Cristina Ariza Porras Dpto. Comercial

Cristina Ariza Porras
Commercial Department

Mª José González Sánchez Dpto. Administración

Mª José González Sánchez
Administration Department

Mª Dolores Ginés Luque Dpto. Producción

Mª Dolores Ginés Luque
Production Department