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When you decide to cover windows there are wide variety of options to choose from, but certainly one of the most innovative, easy to install and use today are pleated blinds.They are ideal for maintaining a good home decoration, they are versatile and comfortable.

Pleated blind blind is formed by a mechanism where the rectangular rods fall vertically being driven by a rope which is located on one side thereof. In the cases where the blind is placed at a height where it cannot easily access it, can be handled by telescopic canes.

Pleated blinds are adjustable in opening and closing, making possible opening of bottom-up and top-down and stopping at any point. That way the area may be covered at the top, at the bottom or at any intermediate point of any size.

Beldaglass pleated blinds, are placed in each panel of glass, so that when the panels are move away also curtains are also being collected leaving all the space free of obstacles. Because of the exclusive system to keep the panels fixed, in which the panels are kept parallel, the panels leave a gap between them in which the blinds does not interfere with any element of the system, producing no shocks or friction, which does occur in all other systems in the market.

This kind of blinds are really ideal as they take up very little space in the rooms where they are placed, besides they are clean, harmonious and decorative. They can be used at home, in the office or in the environment you want, they will give you privacy, a warm climate and a simple but elegant space time.

 Regarding the design of pleated blinds, they are really varied in order to they can be combined with any style and colors in the room where it will be placed. You can choose between a variety of dark or light cloths and colors for each of the profiles of the glass curtain can be grays, whites, browns or metallic.

The pleated blind is ideal for those persons looking to protect their home from sunlight and ultra violet rays or simply cover the glass panels because they are looking for a more intimate option. If you want to be calm in your home and avoid that those neighbors who live nearby can see you, pleated blind is your solution since it completely covers the space, then you can open easily.

There are a wide range of pleated blind to choose, most of them have a opening and closing system from the bottom up and the other way around which allows you to manage home lighting the way you would like, and there are other options with opening system vertically.

They can be achieved in different sizes to suit any environment, they are very modern and restrained, enable the control of sunlight and a beautiful view and moderate outward. Furthermore, due to the ease of use can be managed by adults or children, unlike those wood blinds which required strength to open. It is an aesthetic and decorative curtain, the ideal choice for any home. We have over 25 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of pleated blinds for indoor.



Glass curtains enclosures are one of the best solutions when it comes to closing a terrace, its advantages are known to insulate the outside without losing the view. However the glass curtain had an unresolved issue; when we need darkness to watch TV better, relax or have some privacy, especially if the terraces are very close neighbors.

With Beldaglass pleated blinds, we solve this problem. This curtains system gets completely cover the glass area when trying to tone down the room and even the blinds can cover only the exposed areas when trying to take cover from the curiosity of the neighbors.

On the other hand this solution that regulates sunlight cross only to the desired level can also be applied in our glass enclosures for hotel and local business establishments. Therefore our pleated blinds are ideal to use in:

  • The interior of glass walls system or glass curtain system of private homes
  • The exterior of glass curtains in penthouse and terraces
  • Interior of hotel establishments: restaurants, cafes, bars.
  • Interior commercial areas.


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