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Beldaglass offers you a solution to reduce the electricity bill and take advantage of natural sunlight. Glass and polycarbonate skylights make possible to reduce the electric bill allowing capture natural sunlight to illuminate interior spaces. A useful solution in industrial and residential buildings, through the installation of skylights with which you gain natural light impossible to reproduce with halogen systems, LED or any means of lighting.

Glass Skylight

The glass skylights allow controlled passage of sunlight. It does not need a completely translucent glass, but can add vinyls with which attenuate the intensity of light, helping to create a suitable environment and avoiding use of electric lighting. This types of skylights are common in houses with big ground floor and interior courtyards, allowing the entry of natural light and ventilation, while rain, dust and noise is avoided. This way we can get create open but protected areas.

Polycarbonate Skylight

Polycarbonate is a relatively inexpensive and very lightweight, ideal for installing outer skylights through which the light passes, but they do not allow seeing what lies on the other side. A very suitable option to create outdoor hallway covered or protect patios, terraces, domes …

Having a source of natural light through polycarbonate skylights brings many advantages. To start it reduces the electricity bill, which already is an incentive to consider, but it is also very beneficial for health. Sunlight triggers the generation of vitamin D, essential in the growth of children and strengthening bones. But the sun does more for us: affects mood, being more pleasant when lighting is more intense; consequence which also has its impact on the daily life cycles. Modifying sunlight intensity signals your body the evolution of the day, bringing to mind switched on or off to suit the biological rhythms.

All these findings for health are enough to bet on installing skylights in homes, businesses and industrial buildings, that´s why Beldaglass has several solutions for every occasion.
The Beldaglass team has 25 years installing all types of skylights, roof windows and rooflights that help save money and get healthy.

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