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The light and temperature fitting-out in order to weatherize a terrace is a question that depends on the orientation of the terrace. Mobile roofs are an excellent solution in order to make optimal use of the sun’s rays and to regulate the temperature because we can roll back or close them and being compatible with awnings and various materials, with which its use is enhanced.

From Beldaglass we have over 25 years installing retractable roofs across the country and we have learned that each case requires customized solutions. That’s why we offer three alternatives to suit the circumstances of your terrace, either for personal use or as part of a restaurant or cafe.

Retractable glass roofs

When the terrace is facing north sunbeams do not directly affect, so it is adequate to have a structure mobile roof, allowing accommodate the temperature and being a barrier against rain, wind and cold from outside in the dark days and an open space when the sun shines in all its splendour.

The retractable glass roof can roll back or extended easily, occupying only 20% of space when it retracts. All our roofs have water collection systems and structures adaptable to all types of existing installations.

Retractable polycarbonate roofs

Polycarbonate is a material strong and light, a good alternative for terraces where you want to take advantage of the light, but it is not essential to be a transparent roof. With polycarbonate we can create translucent polycarbonate mobile roofs, fresher than glass, as light passes through the material, but no solar radiation, preventing heat buildup on the terrace.

Retractable Sandwich Panel Roofs

The south facing terraces are exposed directly to sunlight, being very nice on cold winter days, but reaching scorching temperatures during the summer months. For these cases we recommend installing retractable sandwich panel roofs. This material is able to create shade and has the added value of its function as a thermal insulator.

Our solutions of mobile roofs make the most of the advantages of glass, polycarbonate and sandwich panel in order to create spaces adapted to their orientation and climatic characteristics, allowing you to enjoy the terrace at any time of year safely and easily thanks to automated systems.

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