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Mobile polycarbonate roofs allow that patio, porch, patio, pergola or attic can be opened to enjoy the good weather and the sun or if you prefer to have it closed in order to protect from bad weather conditions. The sliding or mobile roofs adapt to any surface, the versatility of our design lets you cover any large or complex surface.

The great advantage of our polycarbonate roofs is their ability to open up to 80% of the roof terrace or porch which allow leave practically open when the roof is open. Everything is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible because you want to protect an area without losing its light or choke the air inlet.

The polycarbonate (ice white reflective) mobile roofs may be made with tempered glass, laminated glass or double glazing, being the recommended solution for north orientations as it prevents the loss of brightness.

All our mobile roofs have by default channel rain harvesting and downspouts with large capacity for water. Besides we cover holes of up to 5.5 meters without intermediate supports.

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Mobile roofs of polycarbonate are usable in any time of the year, which makes that our clients are protected from rain, wind, dust and noise. Support structures of our roofs are made of galvanized steel beams and poles painted with a wide range of colors and wood effect. The roofs have a long-term duration because they have minimal wear to the weather. They are particularly suitable for:

  • Porch.
  • Pergolas.
  • Patios.
  • Penthouses.
  • Any type of terraces.

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