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The porch enclosure, thanks to the glass curtain system, the temperature increases in winter creating a pleasant atmosphere. The design has been careful to provide a discrete aesthetics and free of obstacles, without affecting the view of the facade of the house.
The enclosures of porches allow enjoy the same views from the inside, that if they were not,
thus the clarity of the glass and by the lack of vertical profiles. These glazing systems are designed to avoid the feeling of being enclosed.

No matter what the size of the porch is. The porch enclosures with glass curtain adapt easily to every size and structure of the building. In addition, the new closure system allows the installation of passing doors with key lock. Besides, as safety is very important, we place safety tempered glass. Such glasses increase home security, thanks to its special thicknesses of 8 and 10 mm.

Drive and clousure system

  • The standard with rod door handle.
  • With knob and opening one or two sides.
  • With double stainless steel handle with lock and security key.

Special Features

  • Side wall connection with snug-fitting seal on glass panel
  • Catch cannel for routing condensation or cleaning water to the outside
  • Recessed floor track (optional)
  • Air circulation with gap ventilation
  • Glass thickness of 6, 8 and 10 mm depending on the needs
  • Double brush seal with plastic bridge at top and bottom of the glass panels
  • Low-wear and maintenance-free fittings
  • Double safety: screwed and bonded glazing
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Noise reduction of up to 11dB
  • Safety glass subjected to a test of thermal resistance
  • All our profiles incorporate 20micras anodized treatment for total protection against corrosion and saline conditions

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  • • Balconies
  • • Terraces
  • • Conservatories
  • • Room partition and meetings rooms


  • Functionality, elegance and discretion on his balcony.
  • Increase confort.
  • Do not change the aesthetics of the facade.
  • They protect from the wind, cold and rain.
  • Do not alter the view from inside or from outside.
  • Increase the temperature in winter.
  • Total ventilation in summer.
  • Enlarge living space, revalued and adds value to your home.
  • Simple installation without any extensive conversión.

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