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Our pools glazings are the optimum solution in order to get a glazing which still have a total panoramic view of the outside landscape. protection of your pool against the elements. Beldaglass´pool covers provides exceptionally good thermal insulation, allowing swimming completely independent of weather conditions.

Our pool covers keeps the landscape’s aesthetic contributing to the exaltation of the natural beauty in the surrounding because they do not alter the view either from the inside or from the outside. Increase comfort and, as it was mentioned, protect us from external agents. They are also safe as they are made of tempered glass and achieve that desired increasing of temperature during the winter.

In spite of the high level of insulation, our systems are mobiles; it is possible the use of slide or turn glass enclosures, achieving that desired and coveted freedom in that nice space, which makes a versatile result that can be used all year around.

You can fully or partially close your pool with our systems with great ease, precisely because ease of use is what is underscore of our product. This glass enclosure for your pool will be installed by our specialized staff and you will have all the guarantees as our products and services are always guaranteed them in writing. Over 25 years experience in all types of enclosures we are backed

Professionalism, service and speed guaranteed by our expert technicians are the defenses on which we base the quality of our work. We look forward to serve you as you deserve.Contact us!

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  • To all kind of pools regardless the material used: concrete, fiber glass, covered with Liner vinyl, steel, etc..
  • Private swimming pools
  • Public swimming pools
  • Garden swimming pools
  • Thermal pools
  • Sports Pools
  • Olympic and semi-Olympic pools
  • Elevated pools


  • Extends the use of the pool extending the summer period to the whole year.
  • Safeguard the heat absorbed during the day until late afternoon.
  • Protect swimming pool water reception dirt, tree leaves and other materials that can get carried by the wind.
  • Protects accidental access both very young children and pets because it is posible completely close access to the pool.
  • Revalues the value of the pool thus increasing the value of the property

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