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In Beldaglass we keep researching and developing new products, growing our range of solutions for terraces and , to make the terraces and open spaces, comfortable and welcoming places, living in different atmospheric conditions

With our terraces windshield, they can create outdoor spaces and build terraces during all year. Areas of smoking or non-smoking permission. Protect customers against car fumes, wind, theft and against all the negative elements of the outdoor bars and restaurants.

With our Beldaglass systems Folding terraces windscreens, you can create spaces outdoors but protected from the wind, car fumes, etc.. Our systems allow you to set up protected areas adapted to the circumstances of each place, installing modules of standard size or tailored-measure, all aimed to take advantage of all the space and at any time of year.


  • Café terraces
  • Offices dividing screens in
  • Offices, public buildings
  • Shops and shopping areas


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