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In Beldaglass we know that the main attraction of a restaurant or hotel is the terrace, which is why we have developed a wide range of terraces for hospitality, enclosures for restaurants, cafes and hotels, mobile glass walls, windbreaks or windscreen aimed at enhancing that attractiveness of the terrace, making the hospitality terrace can be used in conditions of comfort for our customers and profitability for the hotel. Our systems for hospitality are panoramic and therefore allow our customers enjoy the views but while feeling the comfort of an interior.

Besides, with the mobile systems you will be able to cover terrace in an instant, because of the unexpected rain and storms back to having all the charm of an outdoor terrace to be discovered, and all that at the touch of a button.

With our systems of enclosures for outdoor cafés, restaurant and hotel terraces, the owner may plan long-term events, with the assurance that can celebrate, regardless of weather conditions.

The terraces for hospitality or enclosures for hospitality of Beldaglass, are slight but consistent structures with our glass systems where the profiles are reduced to a minimum and glass stands as the main protagonist.

Enclosures for hospitality are panoramic glass systems without profiles closing vertically the panels without lose views, completing the enclosure with light roofs which depending on the area may be fixed or sliding.

Our roofs for restaurant and hotels terraces make your terrace remain uncover at any time by operating the remote control, and having all the charm of an outdoor terrace.

From this approach, Beldaglass offers to the hotel or restaurant owner endless possible combinations and openings that allow heat the terrace for the establishment, and leaving open spaces in order to the combination chosen create a comfortable temperature or remain completely closed with support heating or allowing the greenhouse effect occurs.

Our projects are in line with the provisions of the ordinances of the municipalities and of course adapted to the Anti-Tobbaco law.

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  • Outdoor terraces in penthouses
  • All type of terraces, even in high humidity environments such as coastal areas, beaches, etc.
  • Beach clubs, recreational areas in general.
  • Sunrooms


  • Protect against wind, cold and rain.
  • Do not alter the view from inside or from the outside.
  • Increase the temperature in winter.
  • Total ventilation in summer.
  • Rise in value your business.

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