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Our glazed terraces extend the living spaces creating safe and secure environments. It is an ideal solution to add space to your home, also protects from wind or rain, so you can use the space throughout the year. Gain extra space in contact with the outside.

The roofs of our terrace enclosures can include polycarbonate methacrylate, sandwich panel, double glazing, laminar or tempered glass in order to vary lighting and thermal insulation inside the enclosure.

We have roofs for every type of glass terrace, which can be fixed or mobile with manual or motorized opening. We combine our terrace enclosures with glass roofs and glass curtains without vertical frames.

We have glass curtains with double glazing. You can get the benefits of a glass curtain but with thermal insulation and airtight. A solution suited to take advantage of the space all year around.

Also for our glass terraces in cafes, restaurant and hotels we recommend glass curtain without down rail which avoid, when it is folded, obstacles in the floor and they may be set out in any space with inclination.

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Our glazing terraces are made in materials with minimum ware to the outdoor conditions and therefore they have a long-term duration:

  • Terraces.
  • Porch
  • Pergolas
  • Penthouses
  • Pool covers
  • Arbor or garden house
  • Cafes, hotels, restaurants, rural houses, campings, etc.

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