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Beldaglass glass systems enclousures adapt any existing construction, no building works and allowing make the most of space. That is the philosophy that prevails in our fixed roofs. Roofs are for all types of terraces of houses, restaurants or any building where required to gain a few meters which otherwise can be used only for a few weeks a year. Thanks to the glass roofs is possible to create rooms and environments without losing light, allowing rooms have fully open but protected from wind, rain, dust, noise …

Glass Roofs

Among the most common options for creating an exterior open space, glass roofs deserve special mention. They are installed in strong structures in compliance with the aesthetic line of the house or building. As manufacturers we have profiles of all lacquer types, from traditional white to very realistic wood imitations.

The glass roofs are fixed installations, able to withstand the weather and made of durable materials that will provide safety and durability over time. Perfect complement for glass curtain and enclosures for all kinds of terraces. Our glass roofs are compatible with awnings and shade systems, allowing adequate the light conditions every day.

Polycarbonate Roofs

An economical choice when installing roofs are the polycarbonate fixed roofs; a strong and durable material with which is achieved take advantage of the light, showing a blurred translucent appearance. Polycarbonate roofs are lightweight and strong, very suitable for porches, terraces and penthouses, helping to create spaces protected from the weather inclemency, but without losing natural light.

Sandwich Panel Roofs

In Beldaglass we also install an alternative to the glass roofs when you seek to create spaces where shades prevail; very adequate for locations south facing exposed to many hours of sunshine. The sandwich panel roof achieve a threefold purpose: to create a sheltered outdoor space, take advantage of the shade and have an effective insulation, thanks to panels of various measures we have.

All these glass roofs solutions suit existing structures, which is an advantage of being manufacturers, which also provides us with profiles of a wide range of materials preserving aesthetics while open spaces are achieved.

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