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Enjoy a sunny day in a penthouse terrace or terrace of a restaurant with their stunning views is possible all year round thanks to Beldaglass glass systems enclosure. Glass terraces give the chance to enjoy all year a space that otherwise is set aside to a few months when the weather is good. This is a great waste of money and miss of the opportunity to attract customers to restaurants that are located in privileged location, but also to take advantage of the penthouse open spaces for any occasion

Penthouse terraces

In Beldaglass we have over 25 years installing all types of enclosures using glass as a common element. The penthouses terraces also deserve the distinction and use that provides a system of glass walls, allowing enjoy anytime of the views and getting more space for housing.

Enclosures glass systems for penthouse terraces are designed to withstand the weather: rain, sun, wind … and you get a nice place with the safety of a resistant and secure system. As manufacturers, from Beldaglass, we can offer a wide range of options of enclosures for penthouses terraces. A good example are the many installations that we have made to our customers who have gained space, comfort and allowing them to enjoy even more of their homes. Our catalogue offers you to choose between moving walls, glass systems without down rail, mobile roof, glass curtains, frameless glazing systems … Simply get inspired and we will make it happen

Glass terraces

Glazed terraces installed in penthouses, houses, chalets, restaurants… give add value by providing the enjoyment of rooms that would not otherwise be used. With our glazing system you are able to create a translucent, almost invisible barrier that protects from wind, dust, dirt, noise … We create an open space that is added to housing and often become the favorite place of all family members.
It is the same for our glazed terraces installed in restaurants, allowing use in any season the terrace of the restaurant, which become an attractive for customers who find an open place, but sheltered. This is an invisible barrier with which businesses gaining followers and customers.
Bring your project to Beldaglass, and be sure that we will find out the best solution for your glass terrace.

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