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We are manufacturers

In Beldaglass we are manufacturers of a wide range of enclosures, mobile and fixed roofs and any type of structure. Combining these components can make real any terrace project enclosure of any size, whether in inner city terraces, promenade, mountain, etc.

We create spaces

We can create special spaces with high originality and perfect aesthetic integration into the environment. Flexible spaces protected from the weather, recovering to open all the charm of an outdoor terrace.

Ease of use

With our systems composed by movable walls without floor rail and motorized mobile roofs you will able to have covered or uncovered establishment just touching a button.

Take care of everything

We develop integral roofing projects with glass curtains without vertical frames for final consumer on porches and penthouse.Naturally also for professionals and businesses.
Also for professionals from hotels, restaurants and cafes industry and shops. We are manufacturers, distributors and installers of our products such as roof light, retractable roof, sandwich panel roof, glass roof, polycarbonate roof, manual or motorized.

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