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Both particulars or owner of an establishment will be interested in take advantage of their terrace or porch, not only during the months of good weather, but throughout the year. In order to do this, the only solution is not to close the terrace and have it closed forever because, you cannot enjoy the good weather as will be ideal. But you can find on opening roofs or sliding the best solution to get the most out of your terrace all the year.

These roofs are incredibly versatile in design and they adapt to any surface. The large size or complexity of the terrace is not a problem for this type of roof, as they fit to any surface of the land. It should be noted as key feature of the mobile roof, the advantage to enjoy the nice days and, within seconds to take shelter under the roof.

The mobile roofs of glass allow that the patio, terrace, porch, pergola or penthouse can be opened in order to enjoy of the good weather and the sun or also allow keeping the roof closed in order to be protected from the adverse weather conditions.

The great advantage of our mobile glass roofs is their ability to open up to 80% of the roof terrace or porch which allow leave practically open when the roof is open. Everything is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible because you want to protect an area without losing its light or choke the air inlet.

The glass mobile roofs may be made with tempered glass, laminated glass or double glazing, being the recommended solution for north orientations as it prevents the loss of brightness.

All our mobile roofs have by default channel rain harvesting and downspouts with large capacity for water. Besides we cover holes of up to 5.5 meters without intermediate supports. As the roofs have sliding system, this makes easy the correct air circulation of the terrace if this were required, which refresh the environment without cost.

Our clients also can find sliding roofs of reflective white polycarbonate of 16 mm thick. If your choice is this kind of roofs, you will have the sun and thermal insulation, since they facilitate the light passage but not the ultraviolet light. This option is best suited to homes with southern exposure.

If what you want is a total luminosity, the ideal retractable roof is the roof of methacrylate. Besides, if you will give full use throughout the year and you need a significant insulation in both summer and winter, we recommend you a sliding roof of sandwich panel of 16 mm.

Along with these models you will also find different support structures adjustable to every need and, downspouts and large channel capacity in the removal of water. Of course, these structures have the option of a large range of colors and imitation wood. They are galvanized steel and lacquered in the oven. Our clients can also find several optional comfort features such as indoor and outdoor awnings, veranda (winter garden) and a broad variety.

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Mobile roofs of glass are usable in any time of the year, which makes that our clients are protected from rain, wind, dust and noise. Support structures of our roofs are made of galvanized steel beams and poles painted with a wide range of colors and wood effect. The roofs have a long-term duration because they have minimal wear to the weather. They are particularly suitable for:

  • Porchs.
  • Pergolas.
  • Patios.
  • Penthouses.
  • Any type of terraces.

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