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An optimal solution to enjoy all year round the porch, pergola, terrace, attic or patio is to install a fixed roof. Ceilings and glass curtain walls offer protection against outside noise, dirt and inclement weather (rain, hail, wind, sun …). Thanks to structures and high quality materials are functional and durable option; besides offering a discreet and elegant aesthetics.

In order to provide functionality, quality and design, fixed roofs and glass enclosures for porches and terraces are made of galvanized steel. This material is suitable for outdoor exposure, ensuring quality aesthetic. The roofs also are made with reinforced aluminium sheet, which is a material highly resistant to wear and deterioration, and it is also very easy to clean

The main feature of our fixed glass roof is that they do not need work. Most of roofs that we sell for individual are glass roofs for wooden porches, glass porches, pergolas, enclosures for penthouses, balconies and patios. For hospitality industry we stand out roofs for terrace enclosures in restaurants, cafes, hotels, rural houses and generally for any type of enclosures.

Fixed glass roofs are made from tempered glass, laminated glass or double glazing, being the recommended solution for north orientations as it prevents the loss of brightness.

All our roofs have by default channel rain harvesting and downspouts with large capacity for water. Besides we cover holes of up to 6 meters without intermediate supports.

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The glass roofs are fixed for any time of year, making it protected from rain, wind, dust and noise. Support structures of our roofs are made of galvanized steel beams and poles painted with a wide range of colors and wood effect. Its minimal wear to the weather gives them a long-term duration. They are particularly suitable for:

  • Porches.
  • Pergolas.
  • Patios.
  • Penthouses.
  • Any type of terraces.

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