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Horizontal Sliding Glass Wall

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The open spaces male better use of the light and create a feeling of spaciousness, however there are times when it is required to keep that advantages but avoid inclement weather, sounds … create a barrier, in essence. For these cases Beldaglass recommend glass and mobile walls , which are a solution that suit any previous construction and it is able to create different spaces, but in visual communication.

Glass walls

Thanks to the glass walls we can have more light and space, being one common solution in homes, restaurants and especially offices, this way we get the integration of all the space, but creating unobstructed divisions.
Glass walls that we make in Beldaglass may be applied treatments to make them opaque or partially translucent, allowing you to create private spaces, very appropriate in homes and offices, being this way an elegant choice for reserved in restaurants.

Our glass walls meet the functions of traditional walls but creating open spaces. They are completely safe, because they are constructed from tempered glass and polycarbonates, giving option to install doors in and movable walls. So that is a common solution for both indoor installations and spaces open to outdoor, helping to create a adequate atmosphere and temperature, while inclement weather is avoided and the place is keep out of dust, dirt and noise.

Mobile Walls

Evolution and innovation lead us to include in the Beldaglass´ catalogue the mobile walls, a solution which allow create differentiated spaces with folding glass walls. The glass panels are installed without rail in the ground, avoiding create architectural barriers. Moreover, our models of mobile walls have the option to adapt to local conditions and circumstances. The mobile wall can be closed in the most convenient place, taking up little space and allowing you to create distinct areas quickly and easily.

Mobile walls are a very good choice for homes, restaurants and offices, which create closed or open spaces, providing an elegant and light image, while wind, noise, dust and outdoor temperature exposure is avoided, or takes advantage of the warmth of a spring day with a simple operation. Our system of movable walls does not have down rail, but is completely safe when it is closed thank to a down closure system that anchors each panel to the floor, creating a sealed perimeter.

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