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Probably until you do not install our glass enclosures you will not verify how useful they are and realize that you should have installed them long time ago. The glass walls allow Beldaglass enjoy all year open spaces: terraces, patios, balconies and porches, with the advantages of being in house without the inconvenience of being outside.

Years of experience and the application of new technologies make that the terrace enclosures are optimal solutions to take advantage of outdoor spaces of your home. Our systems have progressed to provide options for everyone: glass curtain without down rail which hindering the passage, without uncomfortable frameworks that obstruct vision, with materials 100% safe and cost-effectiveness of energy savings that increases the efficiency of your home . But the best thing is be able to enjoy all year stays in the terraces that otherwise would be relegated to a few hours or a few weeks a year.

Among our glass enclosures stand out some of the solutions most requested for clients who come to us seeking effective alternatives. Balconies´ enclosures, for example, have a panoramic enclosure system. This means that no frame prevents the views, but your balcony is protected by a total glazing, easy to clean, with which you can take advantage: less dust, less outside noise and optimum temperature.

Thanks to the glass enclosures that installers of Beldaglass will set out in your home, tailored-made, and you will be able to forget about going to the terrace, balcony, garden or patio only in the times when there is good weather and it will prevent dirt and outside noises. You will have another room which will become the favorite place for the whole family.

The systems of glass enclosures are completely safe, made of tempered glass resistant to breakage, easy to clean and serve as a barrier to intruders. In its design we have put all our efforts, getting glazed with which add an elegant aesthetic touch to the facades and others places where we install them, providing added value to your home and all with the guarantee of Beldaglass, a leader company in glass enclosures with more than 25 years experience in creating unique places in order to fully enjoy your home anytime places.

Reap the benefits of our enclosures: security, cleaning, aesthetics, comfort and enjoy your favorite all year round.

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