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With side screens or windbreaks awnings you will be able to protect your privacy and protects it from wind and sun, because sometimes, when you’re in the terrace or in the balcony you do not only want to protect from the sun but also from prying eyes or annoying air currents. Side awnings have been developed exactly for this purpose. Compactly retracted in a small and elegant aluminium cassette, the awning is ready for use in the blink of an eye. The mounting options and built spring ensure optimum support and a constant tension of the awning.

Side awnings are made individually and tailor-made and offer endless possibilities. Continuous quality controls and use of brand name fabrics tested with UV filter up to 100% which guarantee maximum safety and functionality. Get inspired and choose from over 400 fabric designs and thousands of color combinations from our supplier STOBAG.

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Windbreakers terraces, Windscreens or glass screens terraces allow us another type of terrace for hospitality terrace, this type is created when you cannot use fixed structures, either because it is in the street or because our clients rather move them whenever they want. Our side screens awnings are particularly suitable for:

  • Outdoor terraces in penthouses
  • All type of terraces, even in high humidity environments such as coastal areas, beaches, etc.
  • Beach club or recreational areas in general.
  • Sunrooms
  • Hotels, rural houses, cafes, arbors, bars, restaurants, etc.

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