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To take advantage of gardens and restaurants terraces one of the best solutions is pergolas, because they allow add systems of shade and protection from weather, both the roof and sides. From Beldaglass we offer various types of pergolas, each appropriate to the circumstances of our clients, but all of them with several factors in common.

Pergolas are resistant structures appropriate for public spaces and private gardens. They are made up of metallic materials that we cover to accommodate with the aesthetics of places, being possible to add several pergolas and occupy a large space, lacking umbrella uncomfortable feet and offering resistance and strength of a fixed installation.

Beldaglass manufactures compatible pergolas with terraces decoration elements, such as pleated and venetian blinds, awnings, fixed and mobile roofs, glass walls or glass curtains pergolas. From the basic structure we modified parameters and this way we provide inclinations and solutions which makes each pergola a element with which we can bring significant added value to restaurants and cafes, favoring the use of terraces at any time of year.

Bioclimatic Pergolas

The evolution to the terraces comes with bioclimatic pergolas. A new system to take advantage of the shade adjusting the orientation of the moving slats every moment of the day, leading to a nice shade when the sun has the greatest decline and ventilation when it begins the afternoon.

Bioclimatic pergolas offer options to adjust the intensity of light, either motorized louver guidance systems or by the addition of mobile roofs and awnings offered in the Beldaglass catalog. The structures, made-to-measure and circumstances of each client, are resistant, suitable for installation in outdoor terraces, even if they are subjected to wind. The treatment applied makes them resist inclement weather, with minimal maintenance needs and facilitating the cleanup.

Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas offer the strength and durability of this metallic material available in various colors, from traditional white to realistic imitation wood. This way we adapt not only to the aesthetics of existing, but planning regulations.

Aluminum is a very light, easy to clean material, and at the same time, resistant. So, this material allows add glass curtain and others complements from our catalog for glass terraces or aluminum pergolas.

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