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Technology allows us every day to propose new solutions to our customers. One of the latest annexations to our catalog are the bioclimatic pergolas, an innovative system that is gaining popularity because of the advantages they offer.This type of pergolas are formed by one metal structure, which is adaptable to any existing building and indicated for outdoor use in gardens and terraces. Their adjustable and parallel slats turn to provide a friendly atmosphere which offers a choice from fully closed to more open, allowing switch from shade to light in only few seconds.

Bioclimatic pergolas are called to replace the awnings in many constructions. Its elegant design and cutting edge makes it match with any style, being a very good solution for restaurants, cafes and homes, in which benefit a pleasant temperature at any time of day.

What are the bioclimatic pergolas?

The bioclimatic pergolas system is indicated for terraces and gardens, has motorized slats, integral with a sturdy metal structure. It has a dual function. On the one hand the bioclimatic pergola allows at all times regulate light passing between the slats, helping to create a more or less cool environment in adaptation to the time of day. In the closed position, 0 °, the slats make up an airtight roof, as a fixed roof. From here you can select multiple openings ways. With 5º opening, the shade is almost complete, but it allows the airflow, very adequate for regulating the temperature on hot days easier. With 90º the pergola allows light and ventilation and with 135º the maximum aperture, wherein the slats are almost vertical, maximizing lighting. Beside these openings you can create or regulate your prefer opening and memorize in the remote control of the pergola.

Also bioclimatic pergolas offer the opportunity to rescue the rainwater that falls on the slats. The design of each component lead water into large capacity gutters, integrated and hidden in the structure, which can be emptied into suitable containers for later use rainwater for irrigation.

Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas

The orientation of the slats is the maximum value of the bioclimatic pergolas, allowing you to choose the natural lighting of the terrace, as well as collaborate with ventilation, preventing heat buildup.
The structure integrates water spouts and electrical system, storing and protecting, while offering elegant aesthetics.
Each bioclimatic pergola is a module that fits the space and can be integrated easily to other.

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The adjustable slats of the bioclimatic pergola make up a roof which allows a wide range of possibilities ranging from having a fully enclosed roof to the ability to rotate 135 degrees until the slats to allow entry of solar radiation.

In the 0 ° position the roof is completely closed and sealed.

In the 5º position the slats allow air to enter but prevent from water when it rains.

In the 45º position we enjoy natural ventilation, preventing the entry of solar radiation.

In the 90º position allows vertical slat opening which allows full utilization of solar radiation

In the 135º position the slats allow us the maximum opening, taking the maximum solar radiation.

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