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We have more than 25 years experience in the sector. We know the most suitable type of product for your project as we tend to take into account all the necessary details. Results of our area of expertise we offer a complete service. We will inform you of all the possibilities that you may have and give you a personalized budget and according to your project.

Based on our experience in this service we offer two types of differentiated awnings. Windbreaks Awnings and Veranda Awnings.

>h2>Windbreak awnings

Our Windbreak awnings are not designed just to protect us against from annoying drafts as may be inferred from the name. Of course they must meet its primary function which is protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and we quote and emphasize the term “ultraviolet radiation” as an awning should not just “cover” the sun, according to figures from the World Health Organization, 3 million cataract blindness (20% of total) and 2 million cases of skin cancer are directly attributable to this type of radiation. Continuous quality control and the use of brand cloths tested with a filter UV sun protection up to 100% guarantee this “mandatory” defense against ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand we also know that often what we like is to preserve and protect our privacy from prying eyes. We have over 400 cloths designs and thousands of color combinations.

Veranda Awnings

Our Veranda Awnings pprovide optimal climat and adequate atmosphere. There should be a proper balance bewten the nuture and indoor, shaping then a unique atmosphere. The flexible play between nature and the interior creates a unique atmosphere. The challenge of achieving adequate control of the temperature and light is fully assumed and achieved by this type of awning that we offer.

While we enjoyed the winter low light intensity of the sun’s rays through glass, it can become a torture for people and plants in spring. To avoid this undesirable effect “sauna” we offer protection solutions from the sun and prying eyes, tailored-measured as for the roof and vertical spaces.

Our veranda awnings are perfectly designed to provide shade over aluminum pergolas and glass roofs. Thanks to its compact design, these systems are particularly suitable for shade in small and medium spaces.

The elegant box where the awning is rolled up is hang up and it is of high quality aluminum and as the other profiles and pieces. Once collected the awning, the profile ensures be tightly closed and protect the canvas from adverse weather conditions

The canvas is always tense thanks to a patented gas piston mechanism built into the rails. The different types of support stands allow flexible and easy installation – even in complex structures.

The awning can close and open through An electronically controlled motor with automatic end stop. Do you wish still more comforts? Optionally you can also incorporate a remote control and automatic sensors sun, wind, rain and temperature.

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