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Take the design of a terrace is always a challenge that our professionals are willing to face. The possibilities multiply when we use different types of enclosures (mobile, folding, fixed) and mainly glass and polycarbonate materials for high-quality aluminum.

We design thinking in the type of use

Addressing an effective design always involves answering some questions, for example to know which to use the terrace. There are other practical reasons, such as when a house is small and we want a room to work with the computer, a separate dining room daily or just enlarge the space available using part of the terrace or porch house. We may want a place to have our most pampered plants, or where to hang up our clothes, a windbreak or simply in order to our terrace furniture is not permanently dirty.

Details matters

At first sight it is clear, but we need to go deeper to correctly choose the type of system, depending on the use we are going to give that enclosed space, places the country in which we live and the geographical orientation of our terrace. That means that the enclosure will be different if it is intended for casual use or everyday use, different if we live in east or Pyrenees, different if the system is oriented to the south or north. In addition this kind of enclosure is tailored-measure, so we’ll have to think about it.


Our long experience in the sector (more than 25 years) allow us to give the best advice considering the different possibilities, taking of course the best quality / price because we are manufacturers and we distribute and install light roofs, retractable roof, glass panel sandwich, polycarbonate, manual or motorized and develop integral roofing projects with glass curtains without vertical frames for final consumer on porches and penthouse.

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