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Beldaglass products manufacturer warranties on possible failures of the raw material system and manufacturing defects

The glasses were manufactured according to the European standards (EN) tempered glass for construction, Standard EN 572-2 (EN 572-8) and EN 12150

Wind resistance is guaranteed, within the parameters tested glass thickness and height of the system, where for the SF-40 glass series of 10 mm. and 2,200 mm. system height 90 Kms/hour

The warranty also covers any damage or system operation. The warranty is 2 years from the date of installation.

The warranty covers adjustments, repairs and possible changes of system parts. In order for the guarantee takes effect, the assembly must have been made by an official assembler of the manufacturer or distributor according to established orders.

The installation warranty is granted by the official dealer of each zone. The sales person will tell you this guarantee.

In the case of electric motorized operators for opening roof, the warranty is offered by the manufacturer of these, and the installer covers the warranty on the installation.

The warranty on operators, is 2 years and the document proving its validity is the invoice in accordance with European regulations

The warranty is effective only when it is made 100% of the installment payment. If the purchaser / owner is absent the day of the assembly and does not claim in next seven (7) days, the installation is mean accepted and the warranty takes effect automatically.

The Warranty does not cover:

  • Cleaning system or related product cleaning jobs.
  • The breaking of the glass, EN 12150-1
  • Adjustments, repairs and changes of system parts or other damage results from the misuse of customer for not following the recommendations of the manual use, vandalism or force majeure.
  • Damage caused by imperfections in the building, the roof sinking or the upper structure, tension or pressure (positive or negative) higher than usual against the glass, modifications without acceptance of the manufacturer or the official distributor
  • Damage due to natural disaster
  • Indirect damage

The warranty covers a maximum order value / contract price. Liability Insurance; contract number: (The Star) 5P92910000224