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The maximum use of all available space in a dwelling is achieved with Beldaglass glass curtains. All our glazing systems provide advantages, emphasizing cleanliness, to prevent dust and dirt from the outside, full use of space, thermal insulation, allowing to have open spaces where the temperature can be regulated without being subject to inclement weather, simplicity and flexibility, always with an elegant design. All these qualities are make up to give added value to your home.

Glass curtain with Thermal Insulation

Glass curtains with thermal insulation allow enjoy the place where they settle in any season. If it’s cold, sun rays impinge on the inside of the room helping to maintain a comfortable temperature and in summer days it is enough to have a refrigeration equipment to enjoy an open space without the sweltering heat outside. This concept is prevailing in the glass walls with thermal insulation.

Glass curtains with thermal insulation are a very useful solution for terraces, porches and indoor pools, allowing you to create a nice place with the feeling of being outdoors. The insulation is performed by placing the glass panels on guides, achieving a hermetic and secure closure.

Glass Curtains without down rail

A solution from Beldaglass that avoids tripping with the rail of the system is our glass curtains without down rail. A very suitable choice for bars and restaurants that want not to have any architectural barrier on their terraces and access, and also for housing, maintaining a fully open space which effectively closes with glass curtains. This solution is recommended for places where the ground is uneven, to adapt to any inclination curtains.

Glass Curtains with Down Rail

The intermediate alternative between the absence of down rail and thermal insulation glass curtain are the glass curtains with down rail. A model that enables you to install large glass panels and move them with totally ease. With this solution you can take advantage of spaces creating a barrier against wind, rain, dust and heat.
Our experience of over 25 years installing glass curtains in homes and businesses support us when advise to choose the best solution from our extensive catalog, putting all our team at your service.

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