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Enjoy the views from terrace, the feeling of openness and the weather offered throughout the year is an adventure if you do not have terrace roofs to protect from cold and sun when alternating in different times and during the day. Beldaglass have spent years installing roofs for pergolas and terraces, both mobile and fixed, providing solutions that allow you to enjoy the outdoor at any time. This is very valuated by the household and those responsible for restaurants and cafes, who consider the roofs for terraces an opportunity to get more benefit from their business.

Roofs for glass terraces

Depending on the orientation of the terrace you can choose for fixed or mobile solutions roofs. In both cases the most common materials are glass, polycarbonate and sandwich panel, each offering their particular features which we take advantage to find the best solution for each terrace.

Both fixed and mobile roofs can be combined with vertical barriers such as glass curtains, windbreak screens or translucent panels, with which take advantage of natural light. The roofs for terraces suit any initial structure. They are set up on strong poles, which do not affect at any time the aesthetics of the place, because from steel to imitation wood aluminum we have several materials to preserve the visual line.

When choosing roof decking must take into account the north or south orientation of the terrace and climatology. Thus you can opt for fixed or mobile roofs, with the most common materials, depending on whether you prefer shade, only light or invisible barrier as provided by the glass.

Roofs for Glass Pergola

The roofs for pergolas can be installed both pergolas attached to a sturdy construction, as pergolas located in separate places like gardens and open spaces. In any case in Beldaglass we have solutions that allow us to provide roofs for pergolas, fixed and mobile, with glass and polycarbonate the most common materials for this kind of construction. We also can add awnings and vinyl, creating effects of light and shade grateful for users of pergolas and terraces. Whatever your pergola or terrace are, in Beldaglass we have the roof you need. Consult us without obligation.

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