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Get with external venetian blinds and venetian light reflective perfect lighting at any time of day. A Venetian blind can be placed in almost any desired angle in order to allow the natural light cross through the shutter slats, but at the same time avoiding prying eyes.

External venetian are a great way to significantly reduce your home energy bill because they protect from heat in summer and improve insulation in winter.

External venetian with slats is widely used because it is robust, stable and durable. It is an element widely used in the design of facades due to its elegance and brightness: always highlighted. There is option of the shutter with guide wires or rail, and even a self-supporting version.

The composition of the venetian blind is:

  • Galleries: Blinds available in various forms powder coated, folded.
  • Blinds slats. Available in widths of 60 or 80 mm.
  • The venetian blinds can be installed with guide wires or rail: Guide wire is a steel cable with a coating of polyamide through the holes of the slats, that is the bottom support for the tensioning cable aluminum. For guide rails have an extrusion, powder coated included to ensure the smooth running of the slats. To reduce the noise level have been integrated snug-fitting seal in black
  • Bottom rail: Aluminum extruded and coated with anti-dust.

You can also find Venetian curtain darkening. This external venetian blind has a special design on the slats, what makes highlight. Perfect darkening effect is achieved due to the slats fit perfectly.

This reason makes it ideal for bedrooms, presentation rooms or other sites that sometimes need to reduce the amount of light.

The existing gasket at the front edge of the slats reduced even more, if possible, the incoming light and also eliminates noise hits.

These external venetian blinds have great strength due to the special stability of the slats blinds. However, for high or very exposed to wind places we recommend external venetian blinds with wind resistance.

These present additional reinforcement. Besides, these external venetian blinds also have slats for the darkening effect. Common variants of equipment (such as for transporting hanging daylight) are, of course, also available to these external venetian blinds with darkening effect.



The sun protection, light control and limited privacy, were so far weaknesses of the glass curtains or panoramic enclosures. Beldaglass Venetian blinds, solve all these weaknesses, this type of blind regulates the entrance of light without losing privacy because the slats are adjustable at any point of tilt, dim the room as you wish and they can be taken down completely or down to a certain height and the slats can be put in any position.

 We all know as the greenhouse effect is generated on the glass, the use of blinds or interior curtains does not neutralize the effect, since sunlight has penetrated. however with the roller shutter the entrance of sunlight is avoided and we can regulate greenhouse at will.

  • The exterior glass walls of private homes
  • The exterior of glass curtains in penthouse and terraces
  • Exterior of hotel establishments: restaurants, cafes, bars.
  • Exterior commercial areas.

 This way Beldaglass completes its range of sun protection for terraces, interior pleated blinds and exterior venetian shutters.


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