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Up and down windscreens are screens which are used to climatized the outdoor spaces of business, like restaurants and hotels among others. Usually they are used when establishments cannot be permanently in temporary public road or when temporal events are performed in hotels, because their modular structures allow them to adapt to any size of terraces, gardens and walkways.

One of the advantages of these structures of windbreakers for terraces or also known as up and down windscreens, is that the windscreen for terraces and gardens can be optimized to provide a wider range of options to the customers of establishments which are in the sidewalk to protect smokers from the cold or rain and for their clients who want to enjoy the air and the view outside of the hotels.

With our systems of Up & Down Windscreens or Up and Down Terraces Glass Screens you can also adjust the height. The mobile module can be easily raised when wind and cold make it necessary and create that snug feeling and lowered when you want to have more contact with the outside

Terrace Windscreens are made of aluminum profiles which are fixed to the floor, roofs and walls with wall plugs and screws, and safety glasses playing the role of temporary walls, but with the advantage of a panoramic view thanks to the glasses which are the same that can be found in different types of glass curtains as thermal, sealed or panoramic, with or without shutters and bulletproof. The glass can be single or double.

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  • Café terraces
  • Offices dividing screens in
  • Offices, public buildings
  • Shops and shopping areas

Fastening and support stands

  • Height adjustable anchor plate to absorb any differences in level and floor fixing with screws.
  • Anti-tip bracket in T-shaped, with height adjustment to absorb any differences in level.


  • They are make with aluminium alloy profiles 6063, galvanized steel support stands, stainless steel screws. AISI 304 and terminations of zamak foundry.
  • Treatments and thermo-lacquered finishes with polyester resin powdered Previously degreased and phosphated.
  • Laminated safety glass 3 +3 tempered 6mm. and 10 mm sandwich panel with thermal and acoustic insulation resistant to saline environments and UV rays.


Width    Height lowered Height raised
1500              900                       1500
1500             1100                       1900
1500             1200                      2100
2000              900                      1500
2000             1100                      1900
2000             1200                      2100

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