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Glazed terraces for Hospitality


The terrace of a bar, restaurant or cafe is a source of wealth, part of the business which from Beldaglass we help you make the most of it thanks to our glass systems for terraces with various solutions for each location.

Glazed terraces for Hospitality

The terraces are one of the most attractive places in restaurants, without scorn local exquisite interior decoration. The glazed terraces allow you to enjoy excellent views avoiding the weather and offering its customers the opportunity to enjoy all year round an open space.

Beldaglass offers many solutions for the hospitality establishment can make the most of the full potential of the terraces by glass curtains, to avoid the cold and heat, allowing you to create a pleasant environment with spacious feeling. Our glass terraces systems meet the access rules, therefore they does not constitute any barrier to disabled persons, thanks to suppress the lower rails, without diminishing security to interior establishment

Terrazas enclosures for Hospitality

The glass roofs for terraces provide natural light to restaurants, while they are compatible with awnings and tinted vinyl, to adapt the brightness and temperature at any season. And this is the main advantage of the glass terrace, that you can use all year of a space that otherwise is relegated to a few months, creating business opportunities beyond the summer. Solutions for terrace enclosures allow you to create fixed or adaptable spaces to every need of the restaurant.

Windbreak screens for Hospitality

The glass windbreak screens, for example, can be arranged of some way that areas are delimited and create environments and is very suitable for the distinction of areas and maintain the privacy of arranged groups. Restaurants or hotels with glazed terraces brings a distinguishing aesthetic touch, allowing serigraph with vinyl your slogan beyond the limits its establishment, an elegant choice for the street. Besides the windbreak screens are a grateful solution by customers, who avoid the bad fumes from vehicles trackside terraces and also the possibility of theft is reduced and keep intruders outside of the establishment. After 25 years installing glass terraces around the country, Beldaglass is ready to make your project a reality, to tailor our solutions to your business gaining aesthetics and comfort for its customers, while our solutions promote new business opportunities.

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