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The terraces would not be complete if it were combined with some complements and accessories that help to decorate such terraces in such a way as to achieve a type of enclosure more functional and attractive in order to optimize their use.

The possibilities for decorating terraces are numerous, as there are vertical blinds, awnings, veranda awnings, wooden floors, venetian blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blind, flower boxes, LED lighting, etc.

The combination of these elements can give as result distinguished restaurants and cafes enclosures and they draw the attention of visitors to become a essential place of meeting.


We have over 25 years experience in our industry and our experienced staff will advise you on all you need. When studying your decorating project the terrace we consider details like the temperature range because it is not the same decorate a glazing terrace for garden than recreation and relaxation for family, friends or customers if necessary. We also take into account the aspect, to help you in choosing the best system for regulating the reception of sunlight, pleated blinds, venetian blinds, awnings, etc.


In addition you always remember that we guarantee the whole process, from transportation and installation of our enclosures in charge of our qualified staff and the duration of our products. We certify our warranty in written.

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