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Restaurant with octagonal terrace

In this project is noteworthy its peculiar shape, inspired by the classic garden house, is a large and nice restaurant, where the customer has the feeling of being in an open-air terrace.

Each of its eight facades is access for customers, you can open all the faces by 50% of the area because they are sliding doors. This allows air flow in all directions when the system is open, thus complying with the anti-smoking law to allow customers smoking inside. But even more, when it is closed despite their large glazed surface keeps the comfort of a soft air conditioning due to the high degree of thermal insulation of the glazing and the roof, built it with sandwich panel of 82 mm.

The structure consists of nine pillars, one at each of its vertices and a central post on which the beams that support the roof converge. The upper fixed of the system panels are structural for what they work as reinforced. Through the structure the wiring is conducted, and it is not necessary to attach any additional profile or cover plates to hide the wiring.

The cover sandwich panel of 82 mm. gives to the building a high level of insulation while its thickness gives great resistance despite the distance between supports. It is finished with a perimeter gutter which is designed with curved wing gives a stylish look and well finished.

The glazing for facades is composed by eight identical modules, formed by a door with 4 sliding panels with a upper fixed, since the height of the outer perimeter is 2.80 Mts. The two panels of the ends are fixed, while two central ones are which open and they are equipped with lock and security key because the system is the only enclosure and entrance to the establishment. Since the establishment is a place of free and public entrance, has been taken into account in addition of the insulation the security, that is what we chose stadip glass both inside and the outside of the space of the glass.

This has created an area of 148 ft2 comfortable and enjoyable for the public to go to taste the specialties of this restaurant located in Argoños (Cantabria)

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