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Bioclimatic Pergola Installation

When designing a terrace we should consider many factors, the most important is to understand the needs of the people who will enjoy the terrace and their lifestyle. They are spaces that invite you to spend quality time and it is necessary to consider all the elements of weather control in order to everybody enjoy at any time of year.

The orientation, exposure, the local weather etc. are crucial when choosing the enclosure to install, but also the dimensions and design that contributes significantly to creating a pleasant atmosphere.

In this bioclimatic pergola project, we have achieved a waterproof cover area with adjustable aluminum slats through a motorized system but quiet. The system allows adjusting the slats from 0° to 135°, making that the hot air flows by natural convection flow to outside, cooling and increasing the comfort zone.

This new solar protection technology is positioned within bioclimatic architecture, because it allows control the balance between habitat, people and weather. This way it improves conditions of temperature and ventilation, allowing at all times adjust insulation, ventilation and it protects from rain even in ventilation position.

The bioclimatic pergola combines the advantages of roof and awning, with the aesthetic of straight lines that perfectly integrates into the architecture of the house.

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