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Our folding doors allow take more advantage of the “effective” space of your home or office. As you can see our solution is based on the successive folding of the different glass panels with hinge, operation performed with minimal effort. The movement is completely silent thanks to our innovative system of guides and bearings.

For example a collapsible system of five meters wide, it is folded in less than 50 cm folded, providing a sense of space and freedom unparalleled, and without lowering of the thermal insulation. Moreover the doors can include locks to the floor which determines an effective seal on exterior doors.

You can choose to fold to the left or to the right before hiring installation, depending on your needs. One of the advantages of choosing a solution based on folding panels cladding is easy to clean on both sides.

Our glass panels are made with tempered glass which has high durability because of their proven resistance to external agents and high quality verified even in the manufacturing process. Our folding doors are therefore, a practical solution for the use of space because we manufacture the folding doors systems tailor made.

Our folding glass doors are also ideal for outdoor terraces, restaurants, cafes and beach clubs. We are manufacturers and distributors with over 25 years experience.



Given the high quality and durability of the materials you can use our solution folding closure both inside and outside. Overall our folding doors can be used in:

  • Home interior and offices.
  • Premises.
  • Chalets.
  • Rural houses.
  • Entertainment: restaurants, cafes, bars.


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